An overdose of courage gets Wall Street traders in trouble! And we all know that curiousity killed the cat… And compassion, that’s for humanitarians and tree hugging greenies…


Maybe not! Courage, curiousity and compassion are three key elements of Fearless Leadership.

  1. Courage

We need courage to understand our own intentions and analyse our own behaviours. We need to be brave to connect deeply with others. We need courage to grow and change.

  1. Curiosity

Once we have found our Courage, we need to cultivate a curiosity. Judgment creates barriers between people – curiosity breaks down those barriers. Curiosity helps us to look beyond the behavior we see in others, to get to their true intention.

  1. Compassion

And finally to become a Fearless Leader, we need Compassion. Compassion for others… And most importantly, compassion for our self.

So if these are the three essential characteristics needed to step up to Fearless Leadership, which one do you need to focus on this week?

Go Fearlessly


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