The vet called me with the bad news… Einstein – our 9 year old cat – had diabetes. He would need to spend a day or two at the vets to sort out treatment, and then twice daily insulin injections for the rest of his life. He would probably need a couple of extra visits to the vet each year too.

Shocked and unsure how to respond, I asked how long he was likely to live and how much it would cost each month. Used to working out the Return on Investment of projects, I did the sums and determined this was a lot to be spending on a cat! Enough to save multiple children’s lives in other parts of the world.

As I weighed up what to do, there was a jingling sound beside me. I looked around to see my 9 year-old daughter quietly emptying the whole contents of her money box onto the kitchen bench. She was willing to contribute all she had to save Einstein.

In that moment my decision was made. Einstein’s health is now improving and we have learned how to inject insulin.

Some projects have a sound RoI – put money in and get money out. And some projects don’t…  You do those projects cause they are right.

Have an Extraordinary day


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