Jaquie Scammel is one of Australia’s leading thinkers on Customer Service. She is witty, smart, highly productive and has a fabulous energy. Maybe some of that comes from also being a qualified yoga teacher and an advanced meditation practitioner! Recently I had the honour of introducing Jaquie at an event where she shared her ideas on finding greater balance as a leader.

Life is made up of balance in the moments

We can gain greater balance by paying closer attention to the choices we make. In the moment… Every day…

Jaquie outlined four pain points that take us out of balance:

1) We are distracted – How do you come back to now in the moment?

2) We become exhausted – What do you do to recharge, reboot, retreat?

3) We get triggered – How do you snap out of state when you are triggered?

4) We are addicted – How do avoid things that make us feel good and yet are not good for us?

I could identify with all of these pain points. Unchecked, my tendency when I have too much to do is to jump from task to task, not finishing one thing before I move onto the next. Then I get more overwhelmed by having too many things that are incomplete. This was a great reminder to ‘come back to now in the moment’. I know how to do it – I just forget.

We choose how to respond

Jaquie asked us to consider when life is wonky, which of these four domains is out of whack:

  • Mind set – What you think. The quality and pattern of your thoughts, your beliefs… Are these helping or hindering?
  • Heart set – What you feel. How do you be kinder to yourself and others?
  • Hand set – What you do. Jaquie’s tip – good friends offer a vibe as they can can see how you are behaving. Is your physical world in order?
  • Soul set – Who you are being. Tuning into your human spirit. How do you turn down the ego?

Which pain point takes you out of balance? Which ‘set’ do you need to tune into to bring you back?

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