For the first time ever, we put up our family Christmas tree on the first weekend in December! (Usually the kids keep asking, and then it finally happens a few days before Christmas.) Lengthening the ‘Christmas Spirit’ has left me feeling more festive than usually would be on 11 December!

As we wrap up 2023, it’s time to give thanks for what we have, and contemplate what might be in 2023.

It’s also time for me to send you my 6 Christmas wishes. You are welcome to take them all (my Santa Sack is very big) or pick and choose the ones that you most want or need. Enjoy!

Psychological Bravery. There’s a lot of talk at the moment about psychological safety in workplaces – something I wholeheartedly support. Our role as leaders is to create environments of psychological safety, and then there is a next step – to show courage. (In fact, one thing that works positively towards psychological safety, is showing vulnerability as a leader, and doing that certainly requires courage.)

Wisdom to notice when you are heading towards burn out, and the confidence to stop. You can’t recover from burnout by working harder, or by deciding to finish by 6 PM for a few days! Burnout requires a decent break, and deep consideration of new habits. (The challenge with burnout is that it’s easier to spot in others than in ourselves.)

CA_Bart_and_Corrinne-smallThis picture is me and Bart with matching Christmas bows for a Pony Club Christmas Rally. (One of my 2023 achievements – last month- was Bart and I graduating from Pony Club to Adult Riding Club. In 2024 we will ride with the grown ups!) Bart is one of my personal strategies to prevent burnout.

Good support network around you – people (and animals) who make you laugh, offer alternate perspectives, challenge your blind spots, call your BS, love you regardless. People who notice when something’s up (see the wish about burnout).

The space to learn something new, personally, and professionally. Learning something new can be humbling, exhilarating and certainly keeps the brain active. This year two of my learning focuses have been ballroom dancing (both my left feet have loved it!) and deepening my knowledge of neuroscience. Being part of a Leadership Book Club has also offered so many opportunities for learning.

Global Healing. While this one is a big ask for a small blog, it’s something I would love to see for you and for me. There is ongoing civil unrest in Myanmar (my mother in law’s house has been shelled twice this year and she can no longer live there), the war in Ukraine, what’s happening now in Israel, and so many other places around the world. And in Australia there was deep division in some parts of the community over the referendum… So much pain… I wish for healing.

Good Quality Chocolate (or your ‘chocolate equivalent). And loved ones (friends, family, chosen family, pets) to share it with.

Thank you once again for hosting me and my ideas in your inbox every fortnight. And for being part of my circle.

Whatever way you celebrate, we send you Season’s Greetings and best wishes for a Fearless 2024!

Corrinne, Sheryl, Jacinta, Christ Ann, and Archie



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