We made it to the end of 2020! (Breath sigh of relief here.) There’s no denying it’s been a tough year for many people on multiple levels. Despite the challenges and sadness, opportunity has also presented.

As always, there are things that I wish for you this Festive Season, and I hope you find them in your stocking when you wake up on Christmas morning. (And if Santa has not left these things for you, I trust you will create them for yourself – after all, that’s what leadership is all about!)

1. Robust and open conversations. Making the courageous shift to engage in essential conversations that build trust and move us forward is at the heart of Fearless Leadership®. Leadership teams that have the tough discussions have a competitive and social advantage. Life is too short to pussy foot around the important stuff. Have the conversation!

2. Buckets of resilience. 2020 is been a tricky year and recovery won’t be overnight, even with the hope of an imminent vaccine. As leaders we need to continue to draw on reserves of resilience, perhaps personally as well as professionally.

3. Strong support networks. We know from studies in neuroscience that a lack of social connection can be as damaging to your health as smoking two packets of cigarettes a day. We have all seen the need for connection play out in different ways during lockdown. Reach out – build your networks – connect with others. It’s not frivolous – it’s survival.

4. Confidence and courage to leverage opportunities created from the disruption of COVID-19. This year, boundaries have been scrambled and beliefs about what’s possible have been shifted through the way we have worked and the way our markets have responded in response to a global pandemic. Seize the opportunities, both personally and professionally.

5. Gratitude for what you have. As I write this, I am conscious that I live in Victoria, Australia and not in countries in North America or Europe where record numbers of coronavirus cases are still being recorded. I am grateful for my family, friends and clients, and all that has contributed to 2020 also being memorable in positive ways.

6. Time with loved ones and doing whatever regenerates your energy over the festive season. It’s been a big year, and you have earned a break!

7. A coronavirus free 2021! (And if not, the ability to call on Christmas Wishes 1 to 6 to respond.)

Best wishes for a fabulous festive season and a fearless start to 2021.


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