Many years ago I crossed this makeshift bridge and crossed the border from Thailand into Myamar (then called Burma).

On one level it was a simple river crossing…. But it was so much more… I crossed from the relative safety of Thailand and into Myanmar where there was a civil war going on. That decision was a sliding door moment that changed my life forever.

On the other side of the decision to cross the river, I met a guerrilla fighter. This man taught me so much about leading through challenging situations, and especially the need to hold onto a strong, clear purpose.

I didn’t know it when I crossed the bridge, but this man would be the man would I marry a few years later.

There are sliding door moments every day. We can choose to opt in, or we can choose to opt out. The impact between one option and the other may be small, or it may be massive.

What are some of the sliding door moments in your leadership and life? Where might a few bold choices create an alternative reality?

Go Fearlessly – Corrinne

PS This is one story I tell in my keynote Fearless Leadership® Untapped potential. Taking action in times of challenge.

PPS Here is a wedding photo – we both look so young!



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