Over 15 years ago, I was leading a cross-functional project team of 70+ people. At short notice, I was asked to participate in the pilot of internal training program and provide feedback to strengthen the program before it was launched across the organisation.

The program was ‘Leader as Coach’ at a time well before ‘coaching’ was known and understood in the corporate world.

That day blew my mind, and I left energised and inspired. I had shifted from not knowing that coaching even existed outside a sporting context, to understanding that a coaching approach was the way I naturally led.

Prior to that workshop, I was aware that my leadership style was a little different from many around me… I preferred to ask questions and guide learning rather than provide directions. I was comfortable not having all the answers myself, knowing that someone in the team, or the team together, could resolve most issues. I saw uncertainty as part of the adventure.

Sometimes I had wondered if I were a bit ‘lazy’, not a ‘real’ leader. Perhaps ‘real leaders were always in control and did have all the answers???

That day, I discovered that my leadership style was valid. I gained new tools to extend my leadership and felt more confident and empowered.

What’s your leadership style? How comfortable are you in asking more and telling less to empower others around you?

Go Fearlessly


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