Confidence is like the secret ingredient in a dish cooked by an amazing chef – it’s hard to define what it is that makes it so special.

Confidence HOW ModelResearch shows that success correlates just as closely with confidence as it does with competence. While competence is needed to do a job well, confidence is equally important in success – success in a specific project and career success overall.

In ‘The Confidence Code’ authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman offer a definition of confidence as ‘being prepared to fail’. What a great way to think!

If you lack competence, your need is to ‘skill up’. Do a formal program, read a book and apply the skills, identify a mentor, seek on job learning opportunities to grow your competency.

If it’s confidence you need, it’s time to ‘Sparkle Up’. Here’s a quick summary of five strategies to ‘Sparkle Up’ I recently offered in a leadership program:

  • Choose your Meaning. The meaning you determine generates an emotional response that drives your behaviour which creates your results. If you don’t like your results, go back and ask yourself what meaning you are making. Choose a meaning that better serves you.
  • Set realistic goals and achieve them – Build a habit of achievement.
  • Take Responsibility – Are you engaged in victim or mastery? If you find yourself blaming others, it might be interesting to ask yourself ‘What’s my 50% in this situation’.
  • Look to others for inspiration NOT comparison. Comparing yourself to others and falling short can begin a fast spiral downwards! (This is a strategy we stress constantly at Thought Leaders Business School and one I need to remind myself about often.)
  • Declare and celebrate success. When is the last time you stood up and claimed what you have done with pride?

Where is the ‘confidence opportunity’ for you? How will you ‘Sparkle Up’?

PS A Hewlett-Packard review of personnel records of men working at HP found that men were applied for a promotion when they thought they could meet 60% of the qualifications listed for the job. Women only applied when they believed they met 100% of the job requirements! ##  There might just be an opportunity to Sparkle Up here?

## If you want to read more this is an excellent article:


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