The Toughest Leadership Gig

I am often asked ‘How can I empower my new leader to lead confidently and effectively – quickly?’.

Sadly, equally as often I am asked to come and help a new leader promoted because she showed great potential, and yet isn’t delivering the results expected.

The first leadership role is the toughest gig on the leadership journey – new game, no rulebook!

‘James’ was technically competent and popular within his team. Keen to learn, he kept up to date with changes in the industry. Because he was so bright, his manager assumed that once promoted to a leadership role, he would do well.

Six months into the role, James was struggling to communicate with his manager, there was tension in his team, and clients were unhappy with what they saw as a lack of accountability.

James was still playing by the same rules that had brought about his success to date and his manager took too long to identify this. Team productivity, and James’ confidence, took a hit.

At the leadership level, Technical knowledge alone is no longer the key determinant of success. People skills are now essential. And that’s just one rule of the new game.

In my new White Paper ‘How to Get Your New Leader Productive and Confident Right from the Start’ I share five critical factors to keep in mind as you transition a new leader into their first leadership role.  I also cover three common mistakes made when organisations transition in new leaders, with costly productivity impacts. Download it here.
What else could you do to empower your new leader to lead effectively and confidently?